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Why You Need Accountability In Your Training

So you lift weights with a buddy. Go to a class with your girlfriends. Maybe you even hired a personal trainer. But they tend to just count reps/sets/classes attended, and then they give you a black box of a training session that leaves you tired [i.e.; kicks your butt], but not moving toward greater strength & body composition [i.e.; helps you look better in swimwear].

Congratulations! You're doing it wrong...
Unless your trainer is helping you learn a new language by counting to you in Japanese, this is not a good use of his time and expertise, or your money. You need accountability to your goals, hopes, and dreams. This usually does not take the shape of a willy-nilly, jump-n-run style class. It's almost always achieved through a methodical strength and conditioning program.

Ask your trainer or partner how long this phase of training will last, when you'll change things up [approximately], and how they're measuring your strength/conditioning. If they won't or can't give you an answer, be patient, tell them you want this for the next session, and then follow up at the next sessions by asking again.

Ask again in 4-6 weeks [if they don't offer it up voluntarily], and see how much more fulfilling your training becomes: Your lifting buddy will become a legitimate trainer. Your already awesome & fun-loving trainer will become a personal training demigod. And your girlfriends and you might actually start seeing results from all the hours spent in that cardio kickbox class.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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