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 Seth Estrada has been training professionally for the last 10 years, filling roles as personal as one-on-one fitness|nutrition coach, to jobs as large as managing the training and sales efforts of large teams at multiple multimillion dollar sports clubs. Seth was previously responsible for the training of all new boot camp franchise owners and instructors  for one of the most successful boot camps in Southern California. His specific training focus and expertise is in sports derived from gymnastics [springboard diving, parkour/freerunning, stunt skating, etc] As a faithful husband, father of three boys,  former foreign language & culture instructor, media arts scholar, and new-media expert, Seth has a much-varied life experience and a sense of humor, which shines through during even the most intense of workouts. He has been called the best boot camp instructor in Southern California - by other boot camp instructors. Let's see what you think after your first class with him!