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Deload, or Reload?

So you've read about 'deloading' [taking a full week off after several grueling weeks of heavy training], and it sounds really appealing, but you're worried about possibly losing progress. Is there an alternative approach?

Why yes. Yes, there is. Enter the 'reload' technique...
You've heard me talk up the concept of recovery before, and I'm a huge proponent of allowing muscles time to mend themselves- but I'm not a big fan of taking a full week off, under any circumstances, because physical culture begins and ends in your head. Even just taking more than 2 days off is already a serious risk in terms of the mind-muscle connection.

The 'Reload' technique is essentially a week of active recovery: kettlebell technique, mobility, and 'dry-fire' powerlifting. All three activities will leave you more technically proficient than you were the week before, primed and ready to add back more volume and intensity, and challenge you sufficiently to keep your head in the game so you don't risk going at your next serious training session limp-wristed.

So are you overtrained? Try reloading, not deloading.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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