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I've been reading your blog and am curious: what exactly is 'top-rock'?
It's a b-boy [break dance] term that means dancing on your feet. It's a much more appealing alternative to jumping rope or doing jumping jacks, because it gets the heart rate up, teaches/reinforces rhythm, and trains the feet and ankles to accept sudden shifts in weight for combat readiness... yes, seriously.

A fitness label based in Cedar Park, TX. We also maintain this blog, with an occasional YouTube show attached to it.

Are you a CrossFit/Zumba/Pilates/Yoga chain or some kind of affiliate? Our workouts are in no way affiliated with any major chain, franchise, or licensing body. Besides, you can't patent a push up ;)

So are you a World Kettlebell Club certified program? No, we stand apart from any licensing body, but totally endorse the quality products that the World Kettlebell Club makes and sells.

Well what DO you teach then? No-nonsense strategies for losing fat and making gains in lean muscle tissue... Bro, do you even read the blog?!