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Why Less Is More With Personal Trainers

Ever meet a personal trainer who just talked your ear off, and all you could think was "Um... this person is full of it" ? We've all been there, wanting to put a finger up to said individual's mouth and say "Shhhhhh- Just stop. You're making it worse, my friend."

If you are evaluating a personal trainer, consider that if [s]he's barking at everyone all the time, spewing a metric tonne of info, commenting like a paid sports broadcaster, and/or citing university studies all the time, you might be dealing with an insecure sociopath, not a person who can abide the evidence-based training roller coaster you'll both be on for the next 6 months to 5 years [or more] together- at least not without making you want to punch them in the groin from the middle of your 5th set of crunches.

At my alma mater, we had a code of "quiet dignity" that served as a reminder of this principle: the less you say, and more confidently you state your opinion when you must say something, the more powerful your instruction is. Choose a trainer who can hang, without 100 mph color commentary or information overload.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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