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Top 5 Energy Boosting QUICK Meals

I had a friend and former client ask me a question regarding nutrition the other day:
Major, major energy deficiencies. The worst I've ever had. Like CFS bad. I'd love your advice on the most energy impactful foods. ([Reminder: I can't eat] eggs.)
<obligatory finger-wagging>First off, please remember to sleep during nighttime hours so your body and mind can recover from your workouts, and you can decompress emotionally every day. This is essential. That said, eliminating the obvious sugar, excessive caffeine, and any recreational smoking, alcohol, or other mind altering substances will go a very long way toward reducing perceived adrenal fatigue. </disclaimer >

So here's a list of my top 5 favorite energy boosting food combos- excluding eggs. Some recipes adhere to Paleo guidelines, and others don't, but all of them are battle tested by yours truly:

  1. "All American" - Seared grassfed beef steak with raw veggies. 
    1. Beef is hard to beat when it comes to b-vitamins, Branched-chain amino acids, and other important recovery nutrients. Hormone-free, grassfed beef is even harder to beat when it comes to omega 3 content, and the absence of body-wrecking ingredients found in most commercially raised livestock. The raw veggies should be washed of course, but aid in digestion, and help give a feeling of fullness.
  2. "Kitty Litter" - 1/2 cup of raw oats with 1-2 scoops protein powder and a dollop of peanut butter, stirred with either water or raw milk. 
    1. The protein powder will be up to you to research and choose, but I favor naturally sweetened and flavored brands. I prefer organic, smooth peanut butter. The oats have plenty of fiber to aid digestion, and give complex carbohydrates. This mix is hardy enough when left in a dry state to stay in a sealed container for days while you're on safari or just need to stash some at work for a grueling week of intense assignments.
  3. "Tuna Ala Bland" - One can of your favorite tuna [preferably albacore], pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, with 3/4 cup of cooked brown rice and lentils stirred in. [I personally prefer to add a single egg to help bind the mixture in the pan, but this is totally  optional] 
    1. Pan frying may help to reduce any heavy metal content in canned tuna, and gives an opportunity for you to season to taste, increasing the likelihood that you keep this stuff down. Not gourmet. Definitely a means to an end.
  4. "Kid Stuff" - sliced fruit and cottage cheese. 
    1. Use no more than the equivalent of one piece of fruit, as frugitarians tend to look like skinny-fat hipsters. Sorry, but somebody has to say it straight: we are not monkeys, and we should not eat like them. Use as much cottage cheese as your daily protein needs require- I personally need more than a full cup. Obviously, these ingredients can be found in any major city of any developed country, and keep perfectly fine in your work fridge.
  5. "Chocolate Fire & Ice" - The most intense, face melting protein smoothy you've never tried. If you like spicy foods, you're gonna love it. If you hate spicy foods, you might convert. Yes, it's that good. So good, I made a video about this one... in 3D:

So these are 5 of my favorite energy boosters. Notice that the majority of them tend to promote a balance between complex carbohydrate and lean protein, with a smattering of healthy, readily available fats.

Try them out this week, and tell me how you like them.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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