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3 Reasons Your Training Sessions Suck, And What You Can Do To Change Them

My training today was pretty legit. It was credible. In fact, it was so credible it was... incredible. But you're not here to read about my training today, you're here to read about your training. And your training is not incredible. In fact, your training sessions suck.

Here are the 3 reasons your training sessions suck- and what you can do about them:

  1. You don't plan beforehand- sure, you might say "I'm doing legs today" but when you get to the gym you chicken out and start doing bicep curls instead, because...
  2. You don't anticipate the intensity- and this wouldn't normally be a problem, because it should prompt muscle growth and body composition changes when you push hard, but...
  3. You don't focus on recovery afterward- you eat like crap, and expect to see a difference from training? It's like pouring moonshine into the tank of a Ferrari: makes for a disappointing experience.

So let's work through this from the root cause, all the way out to the detailed branches:

  1. Focus on recovery- Be sure you have good, healthy food in your fridge. Lean protein, healthy fats, lots of fresh, locally grown vegetables, and a smattering of fresh local fruit. Get enough sleep. Stop living on coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Stand up and stretch once every hour at your job. It's easier to face a brutal session when you know you won't be sore for weeks on end.
  2. Anticipate having an intense training session- visualize exactly how challenging it will be. Be sure to visualize training sessions that make you just a little nervous: you should feel a tiny bit intimidated by how challenging it's going to be. After all, if it scares you a little and then you smash it, how much more proud will you be of your accomplishment?!
  3. Plan beforehand- Clearer expectations typically lead to better outcomes, if not more predictability. You need to know that there is a beginning, middle, and end to your session, so write down at least a rough plan. If not, it will feel belabored and boring, and you'll slough it off- again

There you have it: 3 ways to get your training to STOP sucking. Now go and make yourself proud.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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