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How To Lose Holiday Fat- And Keep It Off!

So you've been reading this blog, and you already tweaked the things that make your training suck, but Holiday dinner table just kept on giving, and giving, and giving... And like a moth to the flame, you took it. All of it. And you ate it like a pig in front of your friends and family...

BUT I'm not here to judge or rock the boat, just help you steady the ship and get back on course.
Here's a quick list of things you'll need to have/do in order to get moving in the right direction, and get back to sailing in smooth waters:

  1. Give away any leftovers as soon as possible. It's been long enough that you should not still be eating your Holiday food, so either give it to a friend, or give it to a neighbor. Maybe there's a soup kitchen that would take it, as is, and use it? Bottom line: you've dug a hole with the number of days you've been eating this stuff, so get rid of the metaphorical shovel and stop digging.
  2. Determine your daily target protein intake and stick to it. 
    1. If you're trying to build muscle, try 1 gram of dietary protein for every pound of lean body weight you're working towards [so, if I'm trying to get up to 200 Lbs lean body weight, then I eat 200 grams daily] 
    2. If you're trying to maintain your current muscle mass, but maybe slim down your body fat, shoot for .7-.8 grams of protein per pound of current lean muscle. 
    3. If you're trying to diminish your muscle mass- wait, seriously? Why the Hell are you even reading my blog?! This is the point where I mention that anyone who tells you to take in less than .7 grams of protein per lb of lean bodyweight either doesn't understand their own advice, or is simply misguided. They mean no harm, but their advice does no good.
  3. Eat lots of green veggies and onions. Hate onions? Eat more greens. Hate greens? Yup, more onions.The fiber aids in digestion, and the vitamin/mineral content is epic.
  4. Always have water close by. Nothing curbs the craving for sugar better than protein and proper hydration. In combination, they'll get you back on track in no time.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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