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3 MORE Reasons Your Training Sessions Suck, And What You Can Do To Change Them

You may recall that my training is legit. It's credible. So credible it's... incredible. But your training is still not incredible. In fact, your training sessions still suck.

Here are 3 MORE reasons your training sessions suck- and what you can do about them:

  1. You don't change things up enough - you use the same 3 machines, and the same 3 sets of dumbbells- in the same 3 exercises you've been doing for the last 3-6 months!
  2. You don't measure your rest times- You set the weights down, walk to the fountain, and check Facebook way too often, and your rest between sets varies wildly from session to session.
  3. You're afraid of what other people in the gym think- you're afraid to breathe too loudly, grunt, or make funny faces in public- heaven forbid you accidentally twist off a trouser trumpet!
So let's work through this from the root cause, all the way out to the detailed branches:
  1. Pay no attention to the naysayers- and don't be socially intimidated: breath loudly if you must, stick your bum out farther if your spine needs better alignment, and for crying out loud, if someone snickers at the faces you make during a heavy lift, either stare straight through them or just smile and keep doing what you're doing- it will probably scare the crap out of them. Besides, if they're truly at the gym to better themselves, they should have no time to pay attention to what you're doing anyway!
  2. Control your rest intervals- Resting for 20 seconds elicits a different training response than resting for 3 minutes, and there's an appropriate time for each type. Don't just break up your sets willy-nilly, and keep it consistent for each phase of your periodized training, meaning that you should...
  3. Change it up every 4-6 weeks- this is know as periodization: work on general bodybuilding for 6 weeks, then strictly on strength-building for 4 weeks, then on strength endurance for 4 weeks, then etc. This will allow you to plan carefully for each visit to the gym, but also keep you from hitting the customary 3 month plateau.
There you have it: 3 MORE ways to get your training to STOP sucking. Now go make me proud.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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