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What's Your Cycle?

Long time readers of the blog will know that I don't push supplements [notice how you never see any sponsored links or ads?], but I got a specific question over the weekend during our social media Q&A about creatine monohydrate:

Seth, been taking the Creatine Mono for three months now, feeling good, you recommend cycling off for any duration? Always appreciate the info pal, Thanks!
In a nutshell, yes, I recommend cycling off, but not after a month or two, rather I cycle off each and every week; I take every single weekend off of all supplements and just eat food- lots of it! I find that it helps me make gains faster than doing the "competition-ready-all-the-time" approach, though I never paint myself into a corner that 2 solid weeks of intense dieting down couldn't pull me out of!

Try the weekly cycle for 2-3 weeks and see how you like it!

Stay Strong, Friends.

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