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Mother I'd Like to Cut

I did a social media Q&A over the weekend, and got this question:
So for us ladies that have had children, what do we do to tighten up our belly skin? I have toned, hard abs. However, having 10lb babies has stretched my skin(obviously) and I fear I'll never find a non surgical way to tighten it back up. The only area with this problem is my abdominal area, from bottom of sternum to below my belly button. Any suggestions?
Suggestion #1: think of this phase of your training as 'cutting', because the only thing left to do is reveal the "toned, hard abs" that you've been working so hard to create, like a sculptor chiseling away the extra marble to show off the beautiful statue underneath.

Your battle begins in the library, but the ongoing offensive takes place in the kitchen:

  1. Read the following [the 3 most popular current titles]
    1. Enter The Zone
    2. The Paleo Solution
    3. Carb Back Loading
  2. Try each for at least 4 weeks
    1. Decide which one suits you best
  3. Perform an extended trial of that nutritional regimen [12-16 weeks]
    1. Decide which approach you want to use as a 'maintenance off-ramp'
  4. Continue in your 'off-ramp' program for the next 6-8 months

So by the time you finish the preliminary trials, you will have gained a tremendous amount of dietetics knowledge. And by the time you complete your extended trial, your body will be radically transformed, and all your friends/family will think you're a fitness demigod.

So now the ball is in your court. Tell me how things look in 8-12 weeks.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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