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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Pain: Two-A-Days

Ever feel the need to amplify things a little? There are only 24 hours in a day, it's true, and your body can only do so much in a single training session. But if you occasionally create a second session for a given body part or type of exercise, you can cheat the clock, and push through certain plateaus. This is especially effective for tougher training like a chest/back day, or the weekly battle that is a truly awesome leg session. Now this isn't the answer for every plateau, but it definitely helps rid you of laziness if used correctly.


I mentioned yesterday that you didn't come here to learn something new that you'll actually use; you came to receive an affirmation that reading this is enough. But it's not enough. So I issue a challenge:

DO 2-A-Days at least once in the next week, perhaps over the weekend. Split up your training into the two most even components possible, and push extra hard during each session. Feel the difference, then come back and leave a comment about your experience.

Have you already done 2-A-Days before? How did it affect your results? Chime in below.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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