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Feeling Sick During Training: Is Puking Actually A GOOD Thing?

You'll often hear old-school trainers and athletes measure the difficulty of a training session by telling you how near they came to the point of throwing up. Is this science, or sado-masochism?

Neither... and both.

Sometimes, especially when first starting out, training can elicit all sorts of unwanted side effects: skin blemishes [acne], body odor, cold/flu symptoms, and yes, even the dreaded worship at the feet of the porcelain idol: puking.

However, a new trainee should probably be asking him/herself, "Will every training session feel like this?" If your personal trainer or class instructor says "You're not really training hard- until you feel like you're going to puke." Run. Don't walk. Run away.

This is bogus in terms of the exercise science- and in no way fun.

Instead, realize that for the first several weeks of beginning a new exercise- strength and especially conditioning- program, your body might go through a bit of a break-through period in which you could feel sick, but feeling sick is in no way a requirement for results.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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