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5 Secrets To Making Your Fitness Training A Success!

So you already know that your training sucks, and I've told you why you stay fat, even though you exercise- BUT, what you may not know is that there are a few additional components that everyone who's serious about making a major change needs to have in place.

Here is a totally new and updated list of need-to-know essentials for sticking to the path and finally burying your goals:

1. Be Accountable
Be accountable to a credible and trustworthy coach, not just your mom or your buddy. While your loved ones mean well, they don't usually know enough to give you the right blend of motivation, critique, and education. And, even worse, sometimes they let their emotions for you get in the way of giving the right advice, whether to spare your feelings or take a jab at you. Your coach can be a lifting partner, or a professional trainer, but should basically never be someone you're emotionally entangled with. Period. Don't cross that line, or you're likely to undermine your own success and happiness- as well as theirs.

2. Communicate
Do not withhold anything from your coach! They can't help you if you don't communicate potential injuries, nutrition gaffes, etc. And remember that if you lie to your coach, or withhold critical information, you can only blame yourself when you get injured later on... which defeats the entire point of having a coach in the first place!

3. Use Protection
Warm up thoroughly. Do a dynamic stretch. Use gloves or wrist wraps when appropriate. Whatever it takes, DO NOT GET INJURED. The number one reason that committed people don't reach their goals is through injury- not lack of dedication- and it's often preventable.

4. Trust
In the middle of a nasty workout, your coach will call out instructions. Your gut will also tell you things from time to time. Make sure that when you're listening to a coach you DO AS [S]HE SAYS during your intense training sessions. Sometimes your head will get in the way of both your gut and your coach.

5. Maintain Passion
If you feel like your training is boring, then ask your coach to help you change things just enough to keep your interest piqued. A good coach will either change things up, if you're not making progress, or make things more fun in some other way, like making jokes, throwing nerf balls at you, or lighting things on fire.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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