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Why Stepping On The Scale Is Exactly What You SHOULD Do

Every large group training instructor or personal trainer has, at one time or another, given the advice to "Put the scale away. Don't look at it. Don't worry about it. Results will come in time." Aaaand they proceed to weigh you, measure you, and take a bodyfat reading for their records.

This is actually sound advice- if you're the new clients of a personal trainer or fitness class, because you should listen to one voice: your instructor.

But I'm talking to the lifter who's going solo for the first time, and wondering what to expect. Here's exactly what you can expect, long term, if you are not using objective measures to gauge success: nothing. That which is measured improves.

Bust out the tape measure, and dust off the scale. Use them once every week at the same time of day. No more. No less.

p.s. Ladies, 1 out of every 4 weeks might look a little off. In case you were somehow not aware, this is normal. Keep calm, and carry on.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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