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Getting Sick During the Holidays & Working Out?

Manny S.:
What's your take on getting back into the gym after a week long sickness? Wait till 100% or just get back in there?

Tormentor Premier 
Depends: when you're dehydrated from a flu, then 'sweating it out' is risky if you don't know what you're doing. If you have a cold, sometimes it can be beneficial to jump right back in, and suffer the consequence of accelerated symptoms pu...shing the sickness through you faster.

When I had food poisoning recently, I took a week off and came back just as strong because I ate as much as I reasonably could. I was dehydrated ALL THE TIME, so I really couldn't have worked out effectively.

The bottom line is that you have to think about both short and long term consequences. These three questions might help you know whether or not you should return to the gym:

1. Could I damage myself further?
2. Have I eaten/drunk enough to sustain my current metabolic rate?
3. Has it been so long since I worked out that I'm forming a bad habit?

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