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Change Up The Old Food Routine

Manny S.:

I know I'm always asking questions so sorry for being a pain in the neck...but I'm just curious and I know you know your stuff. I am trying to change up what I eat/drink for the first thing in the morning and the same before I go to bed.

What do you to during those times?
Trying to get some ideas and feedback. Right now I'm doing a protein shake for breakfast/banana and then eggs glass of milk.

And before bed protein shake after dinner or some greek yogurt.


Face It, Punk; I. Will. Melt. You. :
Manny, it's really no problem. Thanks for your confidence.

What I do for breakfast and bedtime varies depending on my current goals. I hit my bodybuilding goal for the year, so now I'm moving on to strictly performance oriented goals, and have different nutritional considerations [not to mention a different body :P ].

In your case, with the goals of shredding and building [or 'keeping'], what you're doing is a good start, but it sounds like you're getting bored. Perhaps try a new protein blend for bedtime: two of my favorites are SYNTHA-6 and Nitrocore 24. They are a blend of multiple types of protein, and give a more sustained release of amino acids. Next, try some new fruit. Bananas are awesome if you're running or playing a lot of ball. If you're not, you may not need one every morning. Next, use milk with your bedtime protein, and water in the morning. The lack of calories in the morning may stimulate your appetite for breakfast a little sooner.

The last suggestion is to increase your fiber intake overall. Leafy greens, water-laden veggies, and low GI fruits at every meal.

Let me know how it goes :)
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