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Actor's-Body Blues :(

This question came from an old friend of mine who now works professionally as an actor. Acting, an exciting profession that allows  its practitioners the freedom to interpret the manifestation of abstract ideas written on the page, also carries with it the common sand trap of forgetting, being too busy, or being just plain too broke to do much else. Of course, these days almost anyone even remotely interested in acting for the camera has to be fitness-model caliber, because the competition is tough.

Vanessa M. :
"What do you suggest for back rolls of fat tissue and stomach and arms. It's like we all have places that get more flabby than others...Aside from situps O' Excercise Guru, how does one kick oneself back into tip top shape?"

Seth Estrada:
"A glaring omission from most people's fitness regimen is adequate and appropriate cardio. Jogging is ok. Running is great, if your knees can handle it. Biking is great if your back can handle it. Jump rope is awesome, but takes a little while to master.

IMHO, the best way to add cardio without feeling like you're broken or inordinately uncoordinated is simply climbing stairs. Add 20 minutes of stair climbing to whatever you have already determined to do, and you'll find yourself changed very quickly.

Of course, the exercise itself is only half the battle [I'm being generous by calling it half]. The other half is, drumroll, NUTRITION! Cut sugar. Add water, and a dash of lean protein. Voilá!"

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