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The Psychology of 'Exercise' vs 'Training'

Nobody gets what you do in the gym. You get into your intense exercise sessions and some stranger says "Wow, you're an animal! So what are you training for, the Olympics?!"

Or how about when you're actually training for an event like a 5k or half marathon and someone at the cocktail party tells you "Oh! I'm doing P90X: I'm training hard- just like you!", winking like a total git.

You might feel like punching said individual in the throat meat- and that would make this particular instance of the problem go away- but we don't condone violence here. Instead, allow me to propose a different approach...

  1. Set clear goals, and tell everyone in your sphere of influence what they are.
  2. Be clear with your friends about what truly constitutes 'cheating' so they can keep you accountable.
    1. This applies to both training and nutrition.
  3. Use headphones when you're not working directly with a personal trainer or coach.
If someone uses the ignorant phrases from the start of this post even after you've taken the above precautions, then at this point, they're really just trying to compliment you, and don't have the vocabulary to know that there's a difference between what you're doing, and what they have personal experience with.

In fact, they may be trying to use this as a pick up line, so try to be gracious and polite. Who knows, the next 'git' who tells you s/he's doing P90X might be your future love interest.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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