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Keeping New Year's Goals: "Viva La Resolution!"

You feel overtrained, and your life has introduced new stressors [or increased the intensity of existing ones]. So you take a week to deload, but still feel some pain in an old injury. You take another week off. Then you can't remember if you've taken only 2 weeks off- because it might have been 4. Then...

  1. Your 1 rep max has dropped by 25% on all lifts.
  2. Your aerobic capacity is, well, not so capacious. 
  3. Oh, and you're fat again.

Take these steps to make sure you don't fall off the Resolution train:
  1. Set your schedule in stone, and use several redundant reminders- phone calendar, web calendar, ask your Mom to remind you, etc.
  2. Get a workout partner or personal trainer who will give you a penalty for no-showing. 
    • Most trainers agree; we all feel better when we can provide the service you paid for, and would rather not charge you for no reason, so don't force our collective hands. 
    • Your workout partner is similarly investing time and emotion into your goals- don't leave 'em hanging!
  3. When in doubt, diet it out- if all heck breaks loose and you can't get your act together this week, then be twice as strict with your nutrition, both to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing, and to better prepare your body to excel during your next exercise session

Stay Strong, Friends.

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