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Acknowledge, Respect, Engage: The Secrets To Overcoming Low Motivation

You don't feel like exercising today, so you rationalize that it's probably not safe to train while you're unmotivated or distracted, or that in the long run you'll be ok because you can make it up tomorrow and get back on track over the weekend. Or worse, you're attempting to rationalize a skipped training session because of some emotional distress [relationship drama, work stress, etc].

Unfortunately, the truth is that you're forfeiting any opportunity you have to become great, or as my homeboy Wayne Gretzky once put it, "You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

So how do you overcome the impulse to slough off the daily work needed to take your shot at greatness? By following 3 simple steps...
  1. Acknowledge the situation that you're in: you are the one lacking motivation- and that is a temporary setback, easily solved once you get moving.
  2. Respect the slight increase in perceived difficulty that this mental state will create for you, meaning plan your efforts accordingly.
  3. Engage with extreme prejudice, meaning you should lean on your planned strategy while motivation is on holiday. 
As you get moving, motivation will return and may just bring her BFF, passion, back with her.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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