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Why Your Cardio Needs More Strength

You've heard me harp on this before, but it's worth putting into other words- cardio alone will never sculpt your physique and, in fact, strength training can be the best form of cardio... if done correctly.

To validate my argument, I'll quote strength and conditioning guru, Joe Dowdell, who dropped this little nugget on his Facebook page today:
I'm all for Metabolic Circuits for fat loss, but too many people are stuck in the mindset that it's the holy grail. Ladies and gentleman, if you are not phasing in periods of strength-based training (i.e., moderate to heavy loads), you are never going to develop a more powerful engine. As a result, your metabolic work will be under-powered and your fat loss results will not be optimal.

Amen... Now ditch that elliptical and grab your bells!

Stay Strong, Friends.

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