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The Hidden Power of Enthusiasm- and 3 Ways To Harness It

So you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Your boss said something that stung, even though you're busting your guts. An acquaintance carelessly told you that you're fat/lazy/stupid/ugly/cruel to baby seals- even though you're really not that bad... really you're not. You get to the gym, and your strength is sapped, motivation tossed out the window, and you want to go home, watch TV, and 'eat your way' through this emotional crisis. Do not follow this impulse:

Sometimes the mind game is the only thing between you and success, and the secret weapon in this game is enthusiasm: an attitude of thanksgiving and excitement...

So how do you tap into this awesome power? Well, for starters, the very word "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek compound word "Entheos", literally meaning "God in us" or  "divinely inspired, possessed by a god." It seems pretty clear then that this power is partially external, but then perpetuated by internal choices. Here's what you can do to maintain it:
  1. Be Grateful - always say thank you, to your friends, family, boss, employees, neighbors, landlord, tenants- everyone. Doesn't matter if things are going great, or if you're one inch from losing your life. Appreciate the moment, and say it out loud. Private, vocal prayer is a great way to do this daily and sincerely.
  2. Be Humble - acknowledge that God, life, the universe, and everything are all much bigger than you are. A little perspective goes a long way towards maintaining the gratitude mentioned above.
  3. Be Righteous - do kind things for other people, whether you stand to gain anything or not, whether you like them personally or not. Much of the world's evils are perpetuated by tribal affinity and hate/war-mongering. A single act of kindness and/or forgiveness on your part can prevent a series of unfortunate events leading to violence, destruction, disappointment, or sadness. Nothing helps a person maintain humility better than acknowledging- through his actions- that he is equal to his fellow human beings.

So, if your workouts are suffering, go for the inside-out approach to harness the awesome power of enthusiasm. I can't promise you it will come easy- but nothing worth having ever does. I can promise you that you're capable of literally calling on the power of Heaven by choosing to be grateful, humble, and righteous.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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