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Kettlebell ASSault: Why The Hip Drive Is Essential Training Every Woman Needs

Hmmm, where to start? We'll start from the beginning. Hi, my name is Seth. 'Seth' should technically be pronounced "Sheth", as it originally comes from the Hebrew Seth, or "Buttocks"... Well, today's kettlebell workout definitely helped me feel connected to my namesake- literally.

I'm going to show women in the audience a perfect example of how kettlebell training is essential to building a great looking backside.

You might recall my post about Plain Jane Vanilla Kettlebell Swings from a little while ago. I'll make the disclaimer right here and now that I stand with Valery Fedorenko & the WKC on the issue of correct principles for kettlebell training as they apply to strength and conditioning...

"But we're not talking about strength and conditioning today, we're talking about throwing extra junk in the trunk..."

To that end, let's talk about the one action that's shared among ALL so-called 'styles' of kettlebell training: the hip drive. First, I'll tell you what I did during my training session today, then we'll dive into the meat of the lesson.

Warm up:
10 minutes top-rock & hop scotch [yes, I actually laid out rubber mats into specific squares used them as targets. Problem with that? Leave me a note at whogivesaflyingf---@toxic-fat.com ]

100 Heavy [85 lbs] Kettlebell swings, for time. I broke it down to 5x20, with very short rest.

20 additional Heavy Kettlebell swings, for form.

Simple enough, right? Here's what made it particularly effective for the glutes: the fabled kettlebell hip drive. A good hip drive will always happen with the hamstrings pre-loaded, and the knees relatively straight, with the back in proper alignment, so that the hips can thrust forward quickly and efficiently. I know, this sounds very abstract. Here's an example of someone doing a textbook perfect hip drive:

[Disclaimer: this video is incorrectly titled as she is not performing a kettlebell snatch]

Notice how she snaps her hips forward in order to make the kettlebell swing away from her body? Sure, she also lets go by accident on the third swing, which actually sends the weight flying into the garden [lol] but that just illustrates the power of the hip drive! Guess where all that power is coming from...? Right, the glutes.

Now ladies, in all honesty, from the side profile does this woman have a good glute curve? Just the right amount of junk in the trunk and, more importantly, made from the right stuff? Is that how you want your rear end to look?
Go and do thou likewise.

So that's my secret for powerful "Sheth". What's your favorite exercise for the glutes and hamstrings?

Stay Strong, Friends.

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