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Back to Basics: Focus On Macros, Stupid!

Every now and again a new trend forms in the field of sports nutrition, usually accompanied by the sale of a book or a line of supplements to help consumers "kick start their journey into life-altering and 'sustainable' results". And like the responsible professionals we are, every personal trainer reads it, evaluates the advocated principles, and weighs in with his or her take.

Now I'm a reasonable guy, and I love exercise and dietetic science as much as the next fitness guru- in fact I'll be the first to tell you that food is actually a drug- but I need to clear the air: no single approach will fit every single person, nor will the latest/greatest nutrition advice fit the same person exactly the same way twice... we grow old, women bear children, and both men and women decline in both growth hormone and gender-specific hormone profiles.

Does this mean that the latest "breach-loaded, nitro-booster diet" won't work for you? Not at all! On the contrary, it might work fantastically well, you might see great gains from it, and any good trainer will give you a long enough leash to try it- under supervision:

The only process proven to elicit a response from 100% of all trained individuals over time is to journal results and make deliberate tweaks via trial and error... the scientific principle to end all fads.

Determining how many grams of each macronutrient [protein, carbohydrate, fat] your body needs is the very first step, but this will take a little time to figure out. A rule of thumb is to start with your protein intake by ingesting 1 gram of protein for pound of lean body weight. Then focus on fat intake. Finally adjust carbohydrates.

So, do you know how much your body needs every day? Why not? Because you aren't writing down what you eat. When a thing is measured, it improves... So, get on it!

Stay Strong, Friends.

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