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There and Back again (A Lifters Tale)

Hey guys, guess what? I'm adding my personal fitness journal to this blog! I'll loop the entries into the Facebook page as well. Don't worry, we'll continue the advice column, based on questions from Facebook and YouTube, but I've got to "do me" first :)

Warm up:
Boxer shuffle, dancing in place for 10 minutes. Dynamic stretch.


  • Standing press 40 pound dumbbells. 3X12
  • Dumbbell Snatch,  dead position, 50 pound 3x10 each hand. First set slow and deliberate, second set putting weight down and returning to standing position after each rep, third set rapid fire- no setting dumbbell down.
  • Thug combo - lying chest pullovers/lateral chest crossovers/diamond pops - 4/12/12 per set, 3 sets @ 50 pounds
  • Heavy machine military press ( I have limited access to proper gear :-( 3x10 @ "204"? [yeah, sure]
  • Front seated dumbbell raise ("teacups") 3x12 @ 20 pounds
  • Triceps push downs 3x10-12
  • Dumbbell preacher curls 3x10 @ 35 pounds
  • Reverse flyes 3x10

Shower, protein shake.
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