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TGI Leg Day?!

So, in yesterday's post I told you about the best time/way to ramp up your exercise program, but forgot to include my training journal entry for the day! Here's a recap of what I did on leg day. [I currently save legs for Friday, but do heavy kettlebell work intermittently throughout the week to keep the posterior kinetic chain in gear and explosive]

This will look an awful lot like a bodybuilding routine to the trained eye, because it's just that- a bodybuilding routine. Why? Well why not, smarty pants? T-Nation just released an article giving 3 good reasons why a person might want to include bodybuilding protocols in their otherwise sport-specific or functional routine. Check it out if you want, then peep my 'TGIF' leg crusher below:

Warm up:
10 minutes of boxer shuffle, dynamic stretch, and dancing [in case you're new to my journal, yes, I actually c-walk, pop, shove, and top-rock during my warm up]

Work Out:

  1. Warm up squats, full range of motion, 2x20 with a 50 lb dumbbell held vertically on one shoulder.
  2. Squats, full range of motion, 3x12 with 100 lbs, 2x50 lb dumbbell held vertically, one on each shoulder.
    • The emphasis here is really on form, as the weight is really not a challenge until maybe rep 12, if at all.
  3. Elevated split squat [rear foot sits on a bench] 3x12 with 30 lb dumbbells in each hand.
  4. Sprinter thrusts [shown by my friend Triston Mitchell here] with a 20 lb dumbbell, 3x10

Leg extensions 3x12 at a challenging level [machines lie- all the time]
Leg curls 3x10 at a challenging level
Standing calf raises 3x15 while holding a 50 lb dumbbell

Cooldown, stretch, protein shake, and shower.

So, again, why am I doing this style of training right now? I enjoy these simple routines because I find them challenging enough to keep me engaged mentally, plus they hit enough of everything  [fast twitch explosive fibers, to 'slower' twitch density fibers] to keep my body prepped to perform at a reasonable level. This will look like business as usual to some of you and be a revelation to others, but for me, this kind of hybrid training gives me something to really look forward to while I plan my next major goal, whether it be shooting for a new PR in my power/oly lifts, jumping back into Parkour, or practicing for Girya Sport. What's your favorite leg routine? Tell me in the comments.

Stay Strong, Friends.

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