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Getting Rid Of The Spare Tire

Ricardo R:
"Hey, what's the best way to get rid of that fat around your waist?"

Seth Estrada
There's unfortunately no way to spot-reduce. You'll have to lose fat all around, sorry :( Unless of course you have an unnaturally high level of cortisol, which leads specifically to belly fat. In this case, you'd want to find ways to de-stress like taking a short mid-day nap, reading a book, meditation, prayer.

Also, carefully choosing the type of food you eat will have an effect on cortisol. Recent studies are showing that probiotics [the beneficial bacteria that make all the white magic happen inside our guts] are responsible, at least in part, for lowering cortisol. So avoid foods and beverages that wreck your probiotic balance [alcohol, sugar, and bread, I'm staring dead at you], and eat the good stuff- yogurt, organic produce, and raw milk.

The bottom line, however, is that you need to measure what you eat, and train methodically. Best of luck!