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What About Paleo?

Aaron E.
What do you think of "paleo-like" diets? What exercise style do you recommend?

Seth Estrada 
I think Paleo type diets are great. Of course, The Zone diet is also great, in that it now has numerous studies linked to it's core principles. Either way, the case each school makes is very similar. That said, numerous generations have lived very healthy lives in agrarian societies with diets based primarily on fruit, grain, and lacto-ovo protein, with a smattering of red meat for the special occasion.

For exercise style, again, it totally depends on the end goals of the person. High Intensity interval style training, AMRAPS, Tabata, and Fartleks are all extremely effective, but so is rest-based density training and Olympic style lifting. For most people, more important than style is consistency. My reasoning for saying so is as follows:

If you are consistent in your workouts over many many months or years, you become less of a 'flight risk' on the nutritional side. You won't want to willingly jeopardize your results for the momentary pleasure a doughnut might give, for example.

Also, the longer one stays consistent, the better he'll understand which is the most effective program, training partner, exercise location, long-term exercise modality, and injury-prevention technique for his own body.

So as a rule, you can always work out [even in captivity], but you can't always control what you eat. So focus on the workouts, and sort out the nutrition as you go.
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