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Face Melting Contest: Win Free Music

Ok ladies and gents. A contest, just in time for Christmas and New Year's! The winner receives a special prize. Don't hold your breath, I mean, it's not like a new Porsche or anything, but it'll be pretty darn cool. Oh, but the dead-last loser has to run, butt-naked [except for shoes], down mainstreet on Christmas Eve... We'll go on the honor system for that one, but we digress:

Here are a before and after photo. Both were taken at the same place, under the same lighting conditions (I'm also a photographer, so even with a cell-phone I freak out about consistent lighting), but NOT at the same time. Here is the question: How long did it take to get from BEFORE to AFTER? (BTW, zero Photoshop here; no muscles added or taken away)

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