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Enter the Crow

Linette J:
I want some mean abs / core!!! How do I do that?! Goal is to do crow pose by July!

Seth 'Le Idiot Savant' Estrada
Awesome! Crow pose is going to require as much overall core strength and flexibility as you can get, so be sure to add back exercises to your ab workouts. A great overall abdominal exercise is the bicycle crunch. It tends to place more resistance against the rectus abdominis [the 'six pack'] than any other type of basic crunch for a more consistent burn over time, and incorporates many other stabilizing muscles.

Lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head, and move your knees up and down, as though you're pumping the pedals of a bicycle. Move your shoulders from left to right, as though you are trying to crunch your right shoulder down to your left hip, and vice versa. [Your elbows and knees might cross over and touch, which is ok, but that's not necessarily the objective] You want to squeeze forward just a little as well, so that only your lower back is touching the ground at all times. Count every other crunch so that a left and a right = one rep. Try 25 reps to start, and do 3 sets, with 30 seconds of rest [or less] between. Do this daily. Add one more set each week for two weeks. [2nd week = 4 sets, 3rd week = 5 sets] Add 5-10 reps per set each week thereafter, till you are doing 5 sets of 50.

Again, you should be complimenting this exercise with something for your back, such as hyper-extensions, or supermans.

Best of luck with your goal. Let me know how it goes!

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