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No Backside: HELP!

Casey B. :

So all my baby weight has dropped off rapidly (yay!). The only problem is it has taken my butt with it. :-(... Workout guru, I thought I'd ask you if there are any exercises you can suggest for me to get it back? :-) 
Too easy,
Try the following circuit, as many rounds as possible for 15 minutes:

Lying Hip Extension ['Butt Bridge'] squeezing the glutes at the top [think Jane Fonda] 25 reps,
Walking Lunges, clawing with the lead foot [in order to squeeze the glutes more] for 50 feet,
Glute Leg Lifts from a Plank position. 25 reps each leg, alternating from left to right,
Kettle Bell Swings. 20 reps with a 35 Lb [16 kilo] kettle bell.

You can safely add this to nearly any workout day, as it adds only 15 minutes to your total workout time, but you must be sure to get in a complete warm up before you start, or you put your back at risk.

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