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Cure Gymnasties Soreness?

David D.:
So I am trying to add a different sport which I haven't done for several years (tumbling gymnastics) into my workout regimen, which I plan on repeating on a weekly basis. I went for the first time the other day, and did an exhilarating, yet very intense full-body workout, and I've been sore for several days now, which is expected. I know that I need to let my body recover, but how does that line up with trying to not miss a workout? Should I continue my regular workout schedule through the muscle soreness, or should I take it easy for a day?

Face Melting Misanthrope:
Hey Dave, it seems we need to distinguish between the concepts of 'rest' and 'recovery'. There is a point of diminishing returns with rest, and there are various types of recovery. This is further complicated by the fact that when you are teaching your body a new skill, you have to put in the hours necessary to be proficient. With rest, adult people need 8 hours of sleep. But you can nap during the day to make up lost winks.

In terms of recovery from this type of a class, you need consistent, well-balanced, healthy food. If you are eating well, and sleeping a good 8 hours each night, you should be able to hang in your gymnasties class every day, and continue to see gains in strength, flexibility, and stamina. [I own the term 'gymnasties', btw, so send me $1 every time you say it] However, if you cheat by eating sugar or junk food, not eating protein at every meal, or by staying up late to read your favorite blog, you'll probably continue to feel sore and never quite catch up.
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