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Restore Mid-Section After C-Section!

"What are the best stomach exercises for someone to do who has had a c-section? Before having [3] kids, it was so easy for me to get muscle definition, now my stomach is way different. I feel like crunches are useless! I tried the stomach video from [a workout series] once, which I thought had some interesting exercises I have never seen but my stomach was not sore the next day (I of course tried my best to do them but am NOT nearly as fit as them) and the only thing that was really sore was my lower back from doing the exercises on a hard floor without a pad. I had also walked around the zoo all morning and went for a run up the hill with [my husband] and the kids before doing those stomach exercises, so I was surprised my legs weren't sore from running up the hill pushing 60 lbs of kids. Sorry to go on and on...but I'm interested in learning how to flatten my weird looking c-section stomach. Thanks."

Seth Estrada :
"Great question, and don't worry about giving all those details; most of us have a life outside of our fitness efforts.
You might try weighted ab exercise twice a week, using the classic bodybuilding approach of 3 sets, and no more than 12-15 reps. Some great exercises with weights are Russian Twists, V-Ups, weighted straight-leg raises, Weighted Hundreds [with the weight held between your feet], and Superman Rows.

The second part to the answer was given to another asker: you must be ready to change a little bit of what you eat. If you are finishing your kid's food, eating the same snacks your kids are eating, or drinking any calorie-containing beverages, then you are likely getting some empty calories, which wreak havoc on any attempt to tone ANY part of your body. Cut them, add more water, and give your abs focused, methodical attention, and you will notice a difference, even if you are not sore.

Try it for 3 weeks before deciding whether or not you're seeing/feeling results. Good luck!"

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